Chase GregorySr. Partner of NSG Consulting Inc.

Areas of Expertise:

•Social Media
•Marketing Strategy
•Automotive Industry
•New Business Development/Startup’s
•Public Relations
•Website Development/Wordpress

I got my start as professional athlete in the waterski/wakeboard industry. For 15 years I represented and promoted my sponsors. This help me grow to be a unique individual with people skills and the ability to listen and learn as well as sell brands and products.

Today, I help improve businesses in the Extreme Sports, Automotive, and Industrial Manufacturing Industries. I have worked with over 30 companies including over 10 “startup’s” in the Orlando area and continue to grow businesses with ecommerce websites, photography/video, trade shows, and direct sales.  A brands professional image is my number day-to-day priority. This is why people trust me with their company as a consultant, as a brand ambassador, and as a salesman.

In 2011 I was given the opportunity to start NSG Consulting Inc. with Nanette where I have been busy helping businesses to growing through innovative ideas and new technology.

Marketing is not a service, it’s a part of business – Chase Gregory

Some call us Consultants, and some say Entrepreneurs.

I have 2 rules.

  1. We must always maintain a trust.
  1. Everything must be on the table.


Why these 2?

Because as a consultant, I cannot do my job if you or I are hiding things.


Never be afraid to reach out—I am here to help:

[email protected]

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